Constitution of India: Here is the complete list of features inspired by other constitution

The Constitution of India is the longest written Constitution in the world. However, at the time of drafting, other constitutional structures are taken into consideration. The inclusion of these issues has enriched the Constitution of India and made it unique.

Many want to criticise the Constitution of India as a borrowed constitution. It is clear that some of the features of this Constitution, though taken from constitutions of other countries, were completely redesigned based on India’s history, geographical differences, cultural diversity, etc.

This was stated by Dr. BR Ambedkar, Chairman, Drafting Committee of the Constitution of India, “As to the accusation that the Draft Constitution has reproduced an excellent part of the provisions of the Government of India Act, 1935, I make no apologies. There is nothing to be ashamed of in borrowing. It involves no plagiarism. Nobody holds any patent rights in the fundamental ideas of a Constitution.”

Below are the features that are taken for the Constitution of India from the constitutions of different countries.

Features taken from the British Constitution

  • Parliamentary Government
  • Parliamentary privileges
  • Bicameral system
  • Cabinet system
  • Rules of law
  • Legislative system
  • Single citizenship
  • Prerogative writs

Features taken from the Constitution of USA

  • Impeachment of the President
  • Functions of the President and Vice-President
  • Removal of Supreme and High Court Judges
  • Preamble to the Constitution
  • Fundamental rights
  • Independence of the judiciary
  • Judicial review

Features taken from the Constitution of Ireland

  • Directive Principles of the State
  • Presidential Election Procedure
  • The system of nominating members to the Rajya Sabha by the President

Features taken from the Australian Constitution

  • Holding of a Joint house
  • Freedom of business and commerce
  • Concept of Concurrent list

Features taken from the Constitution of Canada

  • Centralization of the Federal system (Where Centre is more powerful than the states).
  • The Center appoints the Governors of the State
  • Residuary powers vest with the Centre

Features taken from the Constitution of Russia

  • Fundamental duties
  • The ideals of justice (social, economic and political) contained in the preamble

Features taken from the Constitution of French

  • Concepts of ‘Republic’
  • Ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity (contained in the Preamble)

Features taken from the Constitution of South Africa

  • Election of members of Rajya Sabha
  • Amendment of the Constitution

Features taken from the Constitution of Japan

  • The concept of “established by law”

Features taken from the German Constitution

  • Fundamental Rights are suspended during Emergency

In this way, the Constitution of India has incorporated some essential parts of the constitutions of different countries. Inspired by the constitutions of other countries, these sections included in the Constitution of India have led the world’s largest democracy as a benevolent and robust nation.

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