Triple Frontier: The junction of three countries

Fantastic and extensive greenery. Two rivers are there, which divided the green valley into three divisions. You can find lots of such a beautiful place, but this valley is something different.

The three divisions of this valley are in three different countries. The two rivers are the international boundaries among the three countries.

This exciting place is located in South America. It is known as ‘Triple Frontier’ or the border of three countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.

The lower part of the valley seen in the picture is in Brazil. The left part is in Argentina, and the right part is in Paraguay.

The rivers of the frontier are Iguazu and Parana. This Triple Frontier is close to the Iguazu waterfalls located in between Brazil and Argentina.

This place is also very close to three cities in the three countries. The cities are Brazil’s Foz do Iguacu, Argentina’s Puerto Iguazu, and Ciudad del Este, the second largest Paraguay city. This valley of South America is also a tourist spot.

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