Northeastern state “NAGALAND”, 1st to ran paperless session with National e-Vidhan application

The Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) transpired to be the first state in the country to run a session in completely paperless mode, as they operationalized the National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA). It was seen that amidst the ongoing Budget session, the Nagaland Assembly Secretariat attached an e-book or a tablet to each table of the 60 member’s assembly.

The Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Pralhad Joshi tweeted, “Nagaland becomes India’s 1st Legislative Assembly to successfully implement National e-Vidhan project. Now members can use electronic devices to participate in House proceedings. This initiative encourages paperless operations and reflects government’s commitment towards Ashta Lakshmi,” as NeVA works under the regulation of his ministry.  


Speaker Sharingain Longkumer also made a statement on the new application stating, “This is the medium through which we will be using this NeVA application in the Assembly as part of the pursuit to have a paperless House,”  

Aim of National e-Vidhan Application

National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA) aims to bring the country’s legislatures together, in one platform thus creating a massive depository of data without having the complexity faced due to having multiple applications.

About National e-Vidhan Application  

NeVA is a type of work-flow system that was deployed on NIC Cloud, MeghRaj which helps to conduct the proceedings of the House smoothly by the Chair of the House and also to conduct Legislative Business of the House in a manner which is paperless. It is a device neutral and member centric application created to equip them to handle diverse House Business smartly by putting entire information regarding member contact details, rules of procedure, list of business, notices, bulletins, bills, papers laid, committee reports etc. in their handheld devices/ tablets and equip all Legislatures/ Departments to handle it efficiently.

This application was curated so that the citizens could gain access to the information at their finger tips. Via the cloud technology (Meghraj), data deployed can be accessed anywhere at any time. Further, live webcasting of Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TVs is also available on this application. NeVA helps each member of the house to have a secured page where they can submit questions and other notices.

Once all other assemblies implement NeVA, the parliament and all state legislatures will be networked together effectively also the expenses for implementing NeVA is funded by the Centre and the state government on a 90:10 sharing basis.

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