Parliament attack of 2001: How did the attack happen?

On 13 December 2001, everything was normal till morning. The winter session of Parliament had begun. A large number of Union Ministers and MPs participated at the winter session of Parliament.

It is worth noting that on this day in the morning of 2001, Parliament was resonated with the sound of gunshots. During this, the winter session of Parliament was going on, and after the uproar by the opposition, the house proceedings were adjourned for about 40 minutes.

The then Leader of Opposition Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had gone towards the house. About 200 MPs, including Home Minister LK Advani, were present inside.

At around 11.27 am, when the Ambassador car carrying a red beacon carrying a sticker of the Ministry of Home Affairs came out at high speed from the entrance number 12 of the Parliament, the security personnel posted here got suspicious.

After this, as soon as the guard Jagdish Yadav followed the car, its speed increased further.

Meanwhile, at entrance 11, Vice President Krishna Kant was about to exit, and the guards stationed in convoy were waiting for him; when Jagdish Yadav signalled the security personnel to stop the car, they were alerted, but by then the car of the terrorists had hit the Vice President’s convoy.

The convoy was hit. After this, the security personnel took out their weapons and a barrage of bullets started. Four security personnel, including Jagdish Yadav, were martyred on the spot. The terrorists wanted to kill the leaders by entering the Parliament at any cost, but some security personnel raised the emergency alarm of the Parliament and closed all the gates.

Even after this, the security personnel took the lead and one by one; all the terrorists were killed. All the terrorists were killed in the firing that lasted for about 45 minutes. Still, before being killed, the terrorists tried their best to enter the Parliament and threw grenades inside the Parliament, making suicide bombings. Still, they did not move in front of the security personnel.

The Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, including Mohammad Afzal Guru, SR Geelani and Shaukat Hussain, was behind this terrorist attack. After 12 years, Afzal Guru was hanged on 9 February 2013.

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