Assam Tenancy Act 2021: Assam became the first state to implement Tenancy Act in India. See What’s inside

The Assam Tenancy Act 2021 became effective in Assam from November, 2021. Assam is the first state in India to enact a tenant law. The act was enacted by the Government of Assam to ensure the rights of tenants and owners.

Assam’s Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pijush Hazarika introduced the Assam Tenancy Bill, 2021 on behalf of Urban Development Minister Ashok Singhal during the Budget Session of Assam Legislative Assembly on August 13, 2021. The bill became law on September 23 with the approval of the Governor of Assam. The Act repealed the Assam Urban Areas Rent Control Act, 1972.

Key Highlights of Assam Tenancy Act 2021

  • A rent regulatory authority will be set up at the district level to regulate rent and protect the interests of landlords and tenants as per the act.
  • According to the act, the artificial limit of rent fixing will be abolished. Landlords and tenants have to decide through mutual agreement.
  • The Assam Tenancy Act, 2021 will simplify the tenant procedures in the state and also resolve disputes between the tenants and landlords.

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