Special Investigation Agency (SIA) constituted in J&K to inquest terrorism activities

On 1st November 2021, the administration of Jammu and Kashmir ordered to establish a special agency for the investigation and prosecution of offenses of terrorism, including UAPA (Unlawful activity prevention act) and those under the Explosive Substances Act and other crimes related to it in the Union Territory.

The special agency is to be called Special Investigation Agency.

The Special Investigation agency in Jammu and Kashmir will take all the necessary measures and examine its immediate and implicit investigation and prosecution of terrorism-related cases.

What cases will be inquest by SIA?

The Special Investigation Agency (SIA) in Jammu & Kashmir can take up the cases related to Atomic Energy Act, Explosive Substances Act, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against Safety of Civil Aviation Act, Anti-Hijacking Act, SAARC Convention (suppression of terrorism) Act, terrorist financing and terrorism -linked NDPS cases among others.

What will be the role of special investigation agency in Jammu and Kashmir

  • According to the request, all officials responsible for the police headquarters will compulsorily imply the Special Investigation Agency (SIA) quickly upon enlisting illegal intimidation-related cases.
  • Those cases will likewise be accounted to SIA where any terrorism linkages surface during the investigation.
  • Wherever the DGP, the NIA does not take the investigation, J&K will, having regard to the gravity of offenses, the progress of the investigation, and other relevant factors, determine in consultation with Special Investigation Agency whether the case is fit to be investigated by SIA, and transfer the investigation of the case at any point of time during its investigation.
  • Where the agency will be of the opinion that an offence specified has been committed, which is fit to be investigated by it, the Special Investigation Agency will register an FIR, suo motto, while keeping DGP, J&K informed
  • The Special Investigation Agency (SIA) will also be the agency for investigation and trials of offenses in cases transferred to the State Government in terms of Section 7 of the National Investigation Act.

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