India fell 16 places in the Human Freedom Index 2020

The Human Freedom Index 2020, a global civil, economic and personal freedom ranking of factors, released on Thursday. India is ranked 111 out of 162 countries in the ranking. India’s ranking was 94 last year. India is ahead of China and Bangladesh in terms of ranking. Where China is 129, Bangladesh is at 139. New Zealand, Switzerland and Hong Kong are ranked top three in the index. Fade McMahon and Iain Vasquez, who prepared the report, said they hoped Hong Kong’s rank might be lowered in the future because of China’s intervention. While India has scored 6.3 out of 10 in terms of personal freedom, it has scored 6.56 in terms of economic freedom. India’s Total Human Freedom Score 6.43.

What is Human Freedom Index ?

The Human Freedom Index presents the state of human freedom in the world based on a broad measure that encompasses personal, civil, and economic freedom. Human freedom is a social concept that recognizes the dignity of individuals and is defined here as negative liberty or the absence of coercive constraint. Because freedom is inherently valuable and plays a role in human progress, it is worth measuring carefully. The Human Freedom Index is a resource that can help to more objectively observe relationships between freedom and other social and economic phenomena, as well as the ways in which the various dimensions of freedom interact with one another.

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