Union Cabinet approved PM-WANI – Here’s everything you need to know about PM-WANI Scheme

Wi-Fi revolution is coming after digital revolution in the country. For this, the Cabinet approved the PM-Public Wi-Fi Axis Network Interface (PM-WANI) scheme on Wednesday.

Talking about the PM-WANI scheme, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that, after the digital revolution in the country, the Wi-Fi revolution is going to start. According to him, after the implementation of PM-WANI scheme, the common man will not need any big company plan for internet.

At the same time, due to the Wi-Fi revolution, fast speed internet will be available in far-flung areas of the country. To implement this scheme government will work at three levels. Which will include public data office, public data aggregator and app provider.

What is Public Data Office ?

Many of you must have seen PCO booths. Which used to be made in a tea shop, breakfast shop or a small corner on the roadside. In the same way, the government is going to build public data offices across the country. According to Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, license, registration and no fees will be required for public data office.

According to him, public data offices will work to provide Wi-Fi service to use internet in mobile phones. According to Ravi Shankar Prasad, PDO office can be opened by any person and to run it, he can take the facility from any internet service providing company or other.

What are Public Data Aggregators ?

They will work to maintain society in this system. PDA Will keep account of public data office account. The government will give license to the public data aggregator within 7 days. Registration will be considered as license.

Who are app providers ?

India is the largest market in the world, according to the usage of apps. Therefore, the government will register the app provider within a week to promote the app economy. With this, any app will be placed on the website along with the App Store. Which will be able to reach you easily through Wi-Fi from PDO.

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