National Engineering Olympiad and everything you need to know about it

National Engineering Olympiad is an educational organization popularizing aptitude competition and developing competitive spirit among young engineers in India.        

National Engineering Olympiad is established with corporate leaders and leading startup companies to encourage engineering students in India by participating in National Level events and evolving a healthy competitive spirit through rewards.

NEO’s integrity and commitment towards fulfilling its objectives have been lauded by various engineering institutes and thousands of engineering graduates and undergraduates who have directly benefited from its educative, informative and evaluative programs. 

National Engineering Olympiad endeavours to 

1. Give the opportunity to build the corporate network.

2. Develop an ongoing pipeline of future employers.

3. Help engineers to identify their talent at the undergraduate level so that they can focus on their career. 

4. Encourage students’ participation at the national level.

5. Instill a feeling of belonging to the competitive national fraternity.

6. Infuse a healthy competitive spirit through reward-based olympiad exams.

7. Bringing a transformation in the classroom approach of engineering to make it more practical, Interactive and Innovative.

8. The key to having a large, exclusive, massive engineering talent pool for the future is seeking out, identifying passionate engineers and providing them with a unique competitive platform where they can prove themselves.

How to Apply for NEO – is the governing body of the National Engineering Olympiad. You can directly apply from their website. The Olympiad is held every year in the first quarter. 

Syllabus of NEO – 

The Olympiad is held in 3 rounds. Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3. There are 3 sections in round 1. 

Section 1 – Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus 

Section 2 – Logical Reasoning Syllabus.

Section 3 – Visual Reasoning Syllabus. 

Click here to get the detailed syllabus of the National Engineering Olympiad. 

NEO Rewards –

  • Top 5 of each year & branch will be invited for National Leadership Program by National Olympiad.
  • Top 10 of each year & branch will be awarded with medal of excellence.
  • Top 50 of each year & branch will be awarded with certificate of excellence.
  • Guarenteed summer internship for all participants at partner organisations.
  • A national level participation certificate
  • Upto ₹15 Lacs of scholarships in courses.


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