Self Introduction in Interview – Self Introduction Tips and Tricks

A good Self-Introduction in an Interview is the most crucial part of the interview. It helps the Canvasser understand about you. It would be best if you had an informative and engaging self-introduction which will attract your interviewer.

What is Self-Introduction in an Interview?

A self-introduction in an interview or anywhere else; explains who you are, your experiences, what you do, and all those information canvassers, need to know. In a few minutes, you have to cover the essential things others need to know about you. You have to give Self-Introduction at different places like, at the beginning of the interview, with new connections, before giving a presentation and so on.

It must include all those key facts about you, which will help make an impression on the people or canvassers you speak.

Some of the General tips which will help you to give an effective Self-Introduction:

  • When you are going for an interview, put a smile on your face. It works as a weapon to go a long way.
  • Start your preparation by researching the company and the interviewers.
  • Prepare yourself before the interview what to say.
  • Rehearse your introduction with a friend or in front of the mirror.
  • Summarise your professional status.
  • Detailed on your experiences and achievements you have any.
  • Show your acknowledgement to everyone. It will reflect you as a gracious person.
  • Finish your Self-Introduction with a lead to the next portion of the interview.

Only you know yourself better than anyone, but giving self-introduction in the interview is a task. Self-introduction is like ‘Morning shows the day’; in the interview. If the first step goes well with self-introduction, it will help you to form a positive attitude for your interview; you will be able to convince the interviewers with a good impression. This friendly technique works as an iceboat for the interviewer and interviewees.

Facts you must remember before giving your introduction

Who are you:

Prepare yourself for the question ‘Who are you’; beforehand. Greetings the interview panel and start the proper introduction with your right name. Include some personal or reasonable information like hobbies.

Where do you come from:

Refer to the place you belong, your schooling and college and what is required. It will give a bunch about your background.

Your education:

You can give a brief about your educational qualification; your schooling, graduation, post-graduation and any diploma if it is worth mentioning for the post you applied. Mention about your additional-curricular activities, like sports. 

Dress up properly:

When you are going to meet someone new, your first impression plays the
fundamental part. Your dressing sense represents who you are to the people you will meet. Before you go to the interview, do a quick research on the company culture, like what is their dress code. If you are not sure, you can go to the company for an inquiry; it indicates that you are paying interest to the company and care about creating these good appearances.

Maintain eye contact:

Keep eye contact with the interviewer during the interview and stay focus. Self-Introduction doesn’t only mean to know about the candidate, it shows your intuition, your focus on what you are performing.


Preparation will give you confidence and helps you to create a good appearance in the interview.  Prepare according to your job profile with relevant information.

Some of the point you need to avoid during self introduction in an interview:

  • Make your Self-Introduction short.
  • Don’t just read or narrate the resume you have submitted, add some extra point or info that not mentioned in the resume.
  • Don’t inquire what they want to know.
  • Just highlight your experience and superior quality, which are relevant to the job profile.

Know yourself well, question yourself and give your best in the Self-Introduction, which will make clear your path to crack the interview.

Processes of an Interview:

Before the interview:

During the interview procedure, maybe you have to introduce yourself many times ; at the reception area, to the recruiter, hiring manager and the interviewers. 

In the entrance of your interview place, you need to ask in the reception. Go ahead and introduce yourself with your name, job title, interview time. This can be done simply,

For example: “Hi, my name is Sanjay Deka. I am here for a 2 pm job interview for the post-Chief Editor.” 

After you are checked in, you can relax till someone comes to welcome you. When someone comes to you, please stand up and give them a firm handshake and again introduce yourself with the full name. In reaction when they present themselves, respond with, It’s nice to meet you XYZ, with their name.

If it is the person you have spoken over phone or email, you can whisper, ‘It’s nice to meet you in person; with a smile and eye contact. From the waiting room, the person may give you a tour of the company or may show you the interview room; be sure to thank him/her before leaving.

During the interview:

Drink some water and take a couple of deep breaths before entering into the interview room. Relax your body and mind. Knock the door and ask for permission to enter into the room with a smile. Extend your hand to shake theirs and take your seat after their instruction. 

Your interviewer knows the position you applied for and your resume is with them.

Still, you can give them your resume and certificate.

One common question you may be asked is, ‘Tell us about yourself’. When you tell about yourself, keep it short and focus on why your background is fit for the job opportunity if you are a fresher; and if you are an experienced person keep it short and focus that why your experience best suitable for the job opportunity. Be prepared for the question before going to the interview. Self-Introduction with confidence and awareness shows you have the capability, and you are the right candidate for the opportunity.

Keep calm during the interview, and take breathe. Take the conversation one step at the moment. You may ask for some time to assemble your thoughts before starting your answer by asking ‘Let me think a moment about that’. Your interviewer will have a positive signal that you are trying your best.

After the interview:

A goodbye note is significant at the end of the interview. Without a goodbye note, self-introduction is incomplete. Follow your interviewer, stand up and shake their hand again and thank them with a smile for their time. Prepare yourself with a phrase or goodbye note that will conclude the conversation:

  • It was a pleasure meeting you. 
  • Hope you enjoy the rest of the day.

You can follow the same steps if you have numerous rounds of interviews. You will meet lots of people in your life, but the interviewers are the only people who involve in the process of getting a job. So you can send them a follow-up note or thanking letter, in a handwritten or an email format.

Self-introduction tips for fresher:

The Interviewer knows that you are a newbie. You don’t need to talk much about it. Instead, the interviewer would love to see your positive attitude for the job.

Here few of the Newbie tips you might consider before introducing yourself

  • You have to be confident. Proper body language is a must and speaks your points well.
  • Self-Introduction is the opportunity for a fresher to the spectacle of your qualities.
  • Speak out about your educational qualifications. Relevant awards and certificate can be mentioned.
  • Also, you can give a brief about your family. Keep in mind that it is your interview, not a family function.
  • Mention about your hobbies and pass time, which will help you to showcase your quality and personality. 

For Example:

I love to play football. I have played many tournaments and travelled a lot as well. It taught me interpersonal skills and helped me to become a team player who is very important in a corporation. And, indeed, I learned how to remain focused and work in a team. 

Conclusion :

In the Self-Introduction, the most important thing is that don’t travel your life history. Keep it relevant to the post you applied. Self-Introduction is very easy unless it is for an interview or a purpose.

In our experience, we have seen lots of people to be overconfident, which only create destructive impact. We all knew that we couldn’t be perfect. And in an interview
interviewer are experienced, people. They knew that you are not perfect. So be who you are, but you have to try to be perfect, and your attitude must be excellent during an interview.

Try these simple tips and be positive during the interview, hope these tips will help you to get your dream job. We wish you all the best.

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