National Education Policy 2020 – 30 Important points you can’t ignore

National Education Policy 2020

National Education Policy 2020 in the country for at least three decades: what is in the National Education Policy 2020 The Union Cabinet approved the National Education Policy 2020. The National Education Policy, adopted in 1986, was amended in 1992. For almost three decades after this, no amendment was made to this policy. Prime Minister … Read more

National Scholarship Portal and Everything you need to know about it

National Scholarship Portal

National Scholarship Portal (NSP) is a digital scholarship programme which carries multiple scholarships and is taken as Mission Mode Project under National e-governance Plan. Currently, the portal has 9 participating ministry or departments and 21 registered schemes. The NSP (National Scholarship Portal) hosts about 50 scholarships worth hundreds of crores among the scholarship seekers who … Read more

Orunodoi Scheme 2020 : Orunodoi Scheme Details, Eligibility Criteria and Application form

Assam Government announced a new scheme, namely “Oronodoi Scheme 2020” (It is also pronounced as Arunodoi Scheme 2020) to contribute allowance to the poor and economically weaker households of the state. Finance Minister of Assam ‘Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma’ in the budget session of 2020-21 announced the launch of Orunodoi Scheme 2020. What is Orunodoi … Read more

Constitution of India: Here is the complete list of features inspired by other constitution

The Constitution of India is the longest written Constitution in the world. However, at the time of drafting, other constitutional structures are taken into consideration. The inclusion of these issues has enriched the Constitution of India and made it unique. Many want to criticise the Constitution of India as a borrowed constitution. It is clear … Read more

Triple Frontier: The junction of three countries

Fantastic and extensive greenery. Two rivers are there, which divided the green valley into three divisions. You can find lots of such a beautiful place, but this valley is something different. The three divisions of this valley are in three different countries. The two rivers are the international boundaries among the three countries. This exciting … Read more

Top Ten most spoken languages in the world

Can you imagine how many languages are there in the world? Though it is difficult to say precisely, the count of spoken languages are near about 7000. But Out of that figure, around 40 percent of languages are now endangered, and they have less than 1000 native speakers. Only 23 languages have covered half of … Read more

India and its different Names abroad

India is he land of holy people. India is famous for its rich culture and versatility. Do you know India is recognized by some other names too? Well, in this article, we will discuss India and its various names, the neighbouring countries coined us and a little about its history. The Constitution of India has … Read more