TATA Group Net Worth, Revenue, Turnover


Founder/CEO Jamshedji Tata
Net worth Rs. 3,800 crores
Valuation 311 billion dollars
Revenue 128 billion dollars

TATA Group is one of the biggest companies in India. Their fingerprints can be found in many sectors. They have contributed significantly to the Indian economy through their various projects

It has been more than 150 years, 155 to be exact since the company was founded in 1868 by Jamshedji Tata. TATA is headquartered in Bombay House, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

It is a private company that serves all over the world and they have a presence in automotive, airlines, consultancy, chemicals, FMCG, defense, electric utility, electronics, electric power, finance, jewelry and many other industries.

As of 2022, the company had no less than 935k employees on their payroll. Let us now learn about TATA Group net worth.

TATA Group Net Worth

Ratan Tata’s net worth is said to be 3,800 crore rupees which though a big amount is not enough to justify the earning from 29 publicly listed companies and many more that are operated by TATA Group.

TATA Group Revenue

TATA group revenue in 1996 stood at 6 billion dollars and in 2000 it stood at 8.9 billion dollars. Bigger jumps awaited as the company revenue in 2004 hit the figure of 14.2 billion dollars before hitting the figure of 21.9 billion dollars in 2006.

The biggest jump in the revenues came in 2008 when the company revenue almost tripled to 62.5 billion dollars before the growth slowed down and only 67.4 billion dollars were earned in 2010.

Valuation of TATA Group

TATA Group has a whole list of companies in no less than 100 countries spanning across 6 continents and their products and services are available in 150 countries around the world.

They have 29 companies that are publicly listed which helped them bring in 128 billion dollars in revenue in FY 2021-22. These huge figures took the valuation of TATA Group to 311 billion dollars in March 2022.

From a revenue of just 6 billion dollars in 1996 to a revenue of 128 billion dollars in 2022 the company’s revenue has multiplied over 20 times in 26 years. However, because 66% of the earnings of TATA companies are donated each year to various trusts under TATA the figures don’t look as huge as they are expected to be.

TATA Group Turnover

As stated TATA Group turnover has constantly been on the up from at least 1996 to 2022 in which period it has multiplied the yearly revenue by 20 times. The company revenue did see setbacks now and then as the growth slowed down a few times or the revenue for a succeeding year went down as compared to the previous year.

Even when the company revenue hit the figure of 100 billion dollars the first time it didn’t put the figure again the next year but returned to the new norm a year after that. After seeing its latest fall in revenue in 2021 when the company just made 103 billion dollars, an all-time high of 128 billion dollars in revenue was earned in 2022. Now you know about TATA Group turnover.