An Essay on Environment Pollution

Pollution has emerged as one of the major yet widely prevalent global issue.  It has always been there since long time, even before the advent of humans, in many forms including volcanic eruptions and wildfires that cause a variety of photochemical reactions in the atmosphere. The present situation is that it is becoming worse every single day as a result of various sources of pollution, activities which results in pollution. Humans and machine-made objects are also a major source of pollution. It is clear that pollution causes harm to each and every living organism as well as it disturbs the ecological system of our environment.

The environment is the surrounding of an organism that means everythjng we are surrounded with. The environment in which an organism lives is made up of various components like air, water, land, etc. These components are found in fixed proportions to create a ecological balance in the environment which is suitable for ogranisms to live in. Any kind of undesirable and unwanted change in the proportions of these components can be termed as pollution. This issue is increasing with every passing year. It is an issue that creates economic, physical, and social troubles. The environmental problem that is worsening with each day needs to be addressed so that its harmful effects on humans as well as the planet can be discarded.

Pollution poses a serious threat to the environment and also to the life and heath of humans, plants and animals. Any living species could only survive if the environment remains clean and pure, or else life on the planet would be really harmful and difficult to live in. Environmental pollution leads to a series of undesirable outcomes like global warming, acid rain, species depletion, flood and famines among several other severe consequences. If we want the planet to be green and inhabited for millions of more years then it is very necessary that we should take all the necessary steps to prevent environmental pollution.

It is very necessary therefore to prevent any damage to the environment and natural resources caused by the human activities. Environmental pollution is a global threat and it must be prevented by making new laws and implementing them with full diligence. With the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, it is possible to reverse global warming and reduce pollution at the same time. One of the leading causes of environmental pollution is the production, transportation and disposal of electronic waste. Companies should also install recycling systems for computers and cell phones to reduce their need for landfills.

One of the measures to avoid pollution is to reduce your use of plastics. This includes using fewer disposable containers, choosing reusable bags, and reducing the use of plastics. Another way to avoid pollution is by recycling more and disposing of waste responsibly.